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SUAN by Andrea Amosson

About the Author Andrea Amosson is a journalist and writer from Chile, based in Dallas, TX. Her fiction works focus mostly on strong female characters who experience displacement and challenges because of their gender....

Patxi Andion’s “If I Were a Woman” [Si Yo Fuera Mujer] 0

Patxi Andion’s “If I Were a Woman” [Si Yo Fuera Mujer]

The Artist: Patxi Andion Patxi Andion (1947- ) is a Spanish singer-songwriter, author, actor, and sociology professor of Basque heritage. The pinnacle of his career was during the 1970s, particularly because of his movie...


Valeria Zaragoza: Painting Emotion

About the Artist Valeria Zaragoza is a visual artist, sculptor, and performing artist from Tampico, Mexico, whose work has been displayed across Mexico and the United States since 2006. Her paintings immediately strike the...