The Feminists United Quarterly is now open for submissions from writers, journalists, artists, performers, academics, and anyone else whose work touches upon the theme of gender equality and its related issues.

We’re looking for submissions, both unpublished and already published, of all genres that show rather than explain how and why feminism/gender equality has a prominent importance in our day and age.

Submissions picked for publications by the editors will be published in the magazine’s website. A select group of submissions that have appeared in the website will be published in a print volume each yearly quarter.



All submissions must be sent to with a cover letter that includes a short description of your submission, the category you’re submitting to, and your professional profile. Submission does not guarantee publication; the editors reserve the right to pass on submissions.


These are the guidelines for submission in the different categories:


News – Do you have a tip about something interesting that has already been covered? That would be a news blurb. Word count: 300-500 (plus the link to the source).

Articles – In the case of articles, we’re referring to mainstreamed versions of more complex/academic papers–think of what TED talks accomplish by communicating a topic to a broader audience. The more the specific topic is exemplified rather than explained, the better. Word count: 500-1000

Essays & Editorials – Longer pieces covering a subject fall into this category, from personal essays to in-depth journalism. The more creative, the better. Word count: 1000+ 

Columns – Do you have an idea for a recurring column? Is there a topic you’d like to explore over time and across different perspectives? You can pitch that idea! Send us an abstract (up to 500 words) and the editors will help you develop the idea.



Fiction narratives that address the matters of gender equality/feminism, either upfront or subtly, belong to this category.

Flash fiction: under 1000 words

Short story: 1000+ words

Fragment: Sample chapters of novellas and novels are welcome as well.

Film: 300 word synopsis + link to open source version of the film.



If you have encountered a movie or book that you consider as feminist, you can write a review about it for us that highlights how the piece shows the importance of gender equality. Word count: 500-1000



Feminist and gender-equality-themed/inspired poetry is welcome. Word count: undefined (It’s poetry after all).



Visual arts, music, experimental video, recorded performances, and new media art fall into this category.


If you’re submitting your own art, please write your artist’s intent (300-500 words), a personal/professional profile (20-50 words) and provide links to the materials. 


If you’re submitting a piece about someone else’s art, please write a reaction/review (300-500 words) and provide the artist’s profile (300-500 words) and links to the source materials.



The Feminists United Quarterly acquires single-use non-exclusive rights for print and online/e-book publication and reserves the right to promote work that has appeared in the magazine on its website and related social media.